Health and safety at work Act 1974 section II :

“Is the duty of employer to ensure the health & safety of all their employees so far as reasonably practicable?

PCMS Features :

Web Based
Remote Access and Monitoring
Real time and historical reporting capabilities
Standardisation of permits within global enterprise
Authentication and Authorisation
Mechanical & Electrical Isolations
Risk Assessment

PCMS Advantages :

Secure repository of permits
Generation of permits only allowed at source
Unadulterated information
Immediate access and monitoring
Identification of conflicts
Automatic notification








PCMS is a software application developed by using Java technology. It enables effective management of permits for hazardous work environments. As the Java technology is platform-independent, the software can be installed and run on any system that supports the Jave Virtual Machine (JVM).

PCMS consits of four components :

1) Permit Control System - Manages the life cycle of the permit.

2) Permit Monitoring System - Provides a real-time window in which the state of all permits in the system are reported online.

3) Administration System - Provides user maintenance functionality.
4) Hand held module - Manages the life cycle of the permit and provides real time information on isolations and equipment on a hand held device.


PCMS Features :
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Web Based Deployable over the Internet, Intranet and Extranet
Remote Access and Monitoring Provides real time status for all permits at site
Internationalisation Multi-lingual support
Communication Notification via SMS, e-mail and fax
Real time and historical reporting capabilities

Standardisation of permits within global enterprise

Allows large multi-nationals to standardise their permit issuing systems
Authentication and Authorisation

Provides a role-based security access control

Mechanical & Electrical Isolations

As part of our assessment, we ensure mechanical and electrically powered equipment are adequately isolated and de-energised so that it is safe to access and carry out maintenance repairs.

Risk Assessment

Our system ensures that a risk assessment is performed as part of the generation of the permit.

  PCMS Advantages :
Secure repository of permits Electronic permits are stored centrally in a safe and secure location
Generation of permits only allowed at source Using a hand held device ensures that the permit can only be generated at source
Unadulterated information Information can not be tampered with once submitted to the central repository
Immediate access and monitoring Provides real time status of all permits automatically
Identification of conflicts Immediate warning if other permits are active within the same area
Automatic notification The system can be configured to issue warning via SMS, Fax and e-mail on any pre-configured conditions
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